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Access data using native S3 clients

The data files are also available using S3-compatible clients, such as the MinIO CLI utility or the AWS CLI tools . There are many more clients and SDKs for various programming languages like Python's Boto3.

The example below uses the MinIO client `mc mirror` command to show how easy it is to download a data set.

$ # Create an alias called "des-data" with anonymous access
$ mc alias set des-data anonymous

$ # Use the "mc mirror" command to copy a data set, in this case from the release called "y3-lt-widebinaries"
$ mc mirror \
    des-data/phy240006-bucket01/despublic/other_files/y3-lt-widebinaries/ \

  ...nal_catalog.fits: 556.88 KiB / 556.88 KiB ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 2.37 MiB/s 0s

$ ls /tmp/y3-lt-widebinaries/
multiples_final_catalog.fits  old  pairs_gaia_ucd_des_ucd_final_catalog.fits  pairs_ucd_ucd_final_catalog.fits